Organic Vegetables and Pasture Raised Meats
Union Square Greenmarket Wed. & Sat.


As of Monday November 23, we are sold out of standard turkeys and have a very few bourbon red turkeys left. However, there are often last minute cancellations. Please email me directly to inquire about reservations:

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Our certified organic vegetables are raised on the rich upland soils of a historically farmed hillside in Plainfield, VT. We have not seen the need to use sprays: no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides of any kind. Our vegetables are picked fresh, by hand, for market and are full of flavor! All of our greens are washed to ensure that they stay fresh in your fridge for over a week. Salad greens are triple washed as part of our farm's commitment to food safety.

As a result of good farming, we enjoy a good diet. We hope our market customers will enjoy both as well. A farm like ours is bountiful with the growing season, but productive year round.

Come visit us: Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays and Saturdays. We bring meat on Wednesdays only.